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AI Can Never Replace Human Sensibilities In Movie Making, Here’s Why!

AI Can Never Replace Human Sensibilities In Movie Making, Here’s Why!

Edited By Aditi Narendra | Updated on Sep 27, 2023 09:00 AM IST

A movie is coming together from the efforts of various talents. Someone with good acting, a good choreographer, a cameraperson with a great eye, a director who leaves no stone unturned to fulfil his vision of the movie. These are just some of the roles that are involved in making a movie, but the careers this industry can offer are unlimited.

AI Can Never Replace Human Sensibilities In Movie Making, Here’s Why!
AI Can Never Replace Human Sensibilities In Movie Making, Here’s Why!

The India Brand Equity Foundation, established by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India states a Ernst & Young report of August 2023, which puts the movie making and entertainment industry at Rs 2.34 trillion worth in the current year. This is expected to grow at 10 per cent by 2025 which is Rs 2.83 trillion.

The sheer numbers make this a very lucrative sector. However, aspirants of this field must know that this is a highly competitive industry.

Like every other industry, this sector too is seeing fast adoption of technology. However, complete automation or the lack of human intervention is an absolute no. Why? Because, every aspect of film-making requires human sensitivities. Movies cater to people, and there is a strong real to reel and vice versa relationship that has been working for so long that expecting AI to replicate the expertise of Yash Chopra, Shyam Benegal, or even the new ones like Karan Johar or Anurag Kashayp would be impossible.

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Broadly, we see two reasons why the movie industry challenges automation. One is the qualities or features the job entails cannot be automated, other is the job profiles in this field which cannot be automated.

Let us look at the few qualities that are immune to automation.

Artistic Abilities

Filmmaking and media production are about showcasing artistic capabilities. Filmmakers, directors, and cinematographers use their artistic skills to show compelling narratives, mind boggling shots. This form of storytelling evokes emotional responses from audiences. AI though can help in certain aspects like colour correction, VFX, the action sequences. Replacing itself with humans is not possible in the near future.

Cultural Sensitivity and Interpretation

Film and Media Studies also involve the depiction of cultural, social, and political aspects of society through its content. People with a deep understanding of filmmaking and experts in the field possess the ability to understand the symbolism and underlying messages in films. This requires an understanding of culture, history, and society.

AI does not have the emotions and cultural intelligence to understand the complexities of human behaviour. So. it will not be able to explain the hidden meanings that are often present in media content. Humans bring their own experiences and insights to the interpretation of media, making it a human-centred skill.

Ethical Considerations

Film and media studies have an aspect of ethical consideration. Filmmakers and media professionals struggle with moral conflict about the portrayal and the impact of its content on society. Decisions regarding the definition of marginalised communities, the use of sensitive content, and the responsibility of handling information require moral judgement. Automated devices lack that skill. Machines are about algorithms and data. They don't have the moral compass that humans possess. In the field of Film and Media Studies, ethical considerations play a crucial role. The humane aspect here cannot be ignored.

Careers in Movies That Cannot Be Automated

As mentioned earlier, the film industry like other industries has adopted many aspects of technological advancement to enhance their productivity, but complete automation remains a distant possibility. Here are few roles within the movie making business that can never be replaced by AI.

Assistant Director

The Assistant Director(AD) maintains the record of the entire schedule of the film. He also often makes critical on-the-spot decisions during film shoots which require human judgement and adaptability. The AD manages the cast and crew with effective communication which might be a struggle for AI. He is also involved in last-minute script changes or location issues. This requires making quick and feasible decisions that involve creative thinking beyond AI capabilities.


When actors emote feelings on screen the audience feels surreal. This might not be the case with machines. Machines will never be one of us. So it won't be able to make a connection with the audience. The audience will always that the AI actor is just faking it. When real actors portray a role, some do it so convincingly that the audience feels the actor is doing it in real life.

Casting Director

The casting director is responsible for casting actors for the roles in movies as per the demand of the script. It is important to build a relationship with the actor auditioning for the position. Then only the casting director can match the right talent to the right position. Understanding human personality is not the strength of a machine. The casting director further builds relationships with talent agents and negotiates contracts involving interpersonal skills that are difficult for AI to replicate.


The technical and creative aspects of recording images on film or digital media are included in cinematography. It requires a skilled eye for composition, lighting, and framing, all of which are intricately linked to human creativity and aesthetic knowledge. It is difficult for automation to reproduce decisions made by cinematographers since they adjust to the particular requirements of each film.


Choreographing is not about designing a set of body movements. Choreographers through their art convey emotions and tell stories. Emotions are not a forte of AI for now. The creativity in new steps and the facial expressions directed with feeling required in choreography are difficult for algorithms to emulate. The human touch can truly put justice and convey the emotion the dancer is feeling through its expression and movements

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Screenplay Writing

Screenplay writers lay the foundation for any movie or television programme. Creativity, knowledge of character development, awareness of cultural context, ethical consideration, and tapping into emotions are necessary for crafting relevant stories. Storytelling is an art drawn from personal experiences and feelings. AI does not have any personal experience to convey through its writing skills.

Costume Designer/Makeup Artist

Costume designers and makeup artists make important contributions to a project's visual appeal. These artists through their skill define the characters and personalities. AI to replicate has to understand the shades of personality, the mood of characters and the time period the story is set in. AI for now does not have that depth of understanding and portraying miniscule details on screen.

Video Editors

Film and video editing is a detailed process of selecting the scenes of a story that will actually be presented on screen. This job requires making creative decisions that involve pacing, rhythm, and emotional impact. AI struggles with human emotions, sense of humour, and technique of improvisation. Human editors are necessary since timing in editing is subtle and depends on human intuition. They frequently have to comprehend the director's intent and make creative decisions that would be challenging for technology to match.

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The film industry would obviously undergo a transformation thanks to AI's effectiveness, insights, and innovation. However, the varied perspectives, feelings, and tales that human creators bring to life will always be the heart and soul of filmmaking.


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