Top Mass Communication Colleges in India

Top Mass Communication Colleges in IndiaA number of institutes and colleges offer top of the line media courses for aspirants interested in pursuing Mass Communication subjects as their undergraduation or postgraduation degrees. Careers360 gives you a consolidated list of the top media colleges and institutes offering such courses.

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The study of gathering information and disseminating the same through various arms like print, broadcast and other interactive mediums is known as Media or Mass Communication (Mass Comm) studies. It also includes Radio Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations, Corporate Communication and other Production related mediums.


With demand in Mass Communication rising, a lot of institutes have come up to offer undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in the field. Most of the institutions, both government-run or industry-driven and private, offer one-year Post Graduate Diploma courses in different streams of Mass Communication. Prof. B. K. Kuthiala, Vice Chancellor, Makhanlal Chaturvedi University of Journalism and Communication (MCNUJC), Bhopal says “Today, Mass Comm has grown to become a very popular subject. Student preference has rapidly increased for courses in this field. Many Mass Communication institutes have come up which offer a variety of courses for students to pursue a full-time degree in and learn the practical aspects of the industry.”


Course Structure and Curriculum

Mass Communication includes various core subjects and specialised fields of study like print, radio, television and even web. The curriculum for all such programmes is designed to impart proficiency in all areas, incorporating the latest media industry trends. This not only includes theoretical aspects but also practical exposure through studios, newsrooms, clubs etc.


Dr. Nandini Lakshmikanth, SOC, Manipal University opines that tracking the constant upgradations in technology and focusing on integrating these mediums in the pedagogy and curriculum is necessary to keep Mass Comm students at par with the industry standards. “With regards to this programme, one must readily incorporate changes by giving a bouquet of subjects which are suitable as per the current standards of the industry. The change also enables students to streamline their proficiency in their areas of interest,” states Dr Nandini.


Besides regular classroom teaching and practical learning, Mass Comm students are also mandatorily required to participate in internships as per the prescribed curriculum at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Internships form an important component which are evaluated at both the college level as well as at the workplaces of the students. The Internship/Placement Cells of the institutions support students in getting in touch with companies and arranging interviews.


Top Mass Communication Programmes and Institutes


A degree in Mass Communication is important for aspirants who want to join the field. The degree prepares the aspirants by honing their knowledge base and helping them gain practical skills. Admissions to many of the listed programmes are through college level media entrance tests.


Top Mass Communication Colleges/Institutes - Programme and Duration




Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Delhi

1 Year


PG Diploma in English Journalism, Radio and TV Journalism, Advertising and PR


Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication

2 Year


MA(Mass Communication)


Xavier Institute Of Communications

1 Year


PG Diploma in Journalism and Mass Comm, Public Relations and Corporate Communication, Advertising & Marketing Communication, Film, TV & Digital Video Promotion, Mass Comm Marathi

MICA Ahmedabad

1 Year

Post Graduate Diploma in Management - Communications (PGDM-C)

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan


1 Year

Journalism (English Medium), Journalism (Hindi Medium), Mass Communication (English), Mass Communication (Hindi), Public Relations, Business Journalism, Industrial Relations & Personnel Mgmt, Marketing & Sales Mgmt Marketing, Advertising & Sales Mgmt, Event Management

Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies

3 Year


Degree in Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication


Banaras Hindu University


1 Year, 2 year


MA (Mass Communication), MA (Corporate Communication), PG Diploma in Health Communication (Innovative Project), PG Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communication

DU (several colleges like IP, DCAC, LSR, Kalindi,etc)

3 Year

B.A. (Hons) Journalism (English/Hindi),  Bachelor of Mass Media and Mass Communication (BMMMC) at IP College for Women

Bangalore University

2 Year

M.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication

University of Mumbai

2 Year

MA in Communication and Journalism, MA in Electronic Media, MA in Public Relations

Manipal School of Communication, Manipal University

3 Years, 2 Year


Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communication, MA in Media and Communication


Jain University


3 Years, 2 Year

BA Journalism and Mass Comm, MA Journalism and Mass Comm


Amity School Of Communication, Amity University


3 Years, 2 Year


B.A. (Film & Television Production), B.A. (Journalism & Mass Communication), B.A.(Mass Communication - International), MA (Advertising & Marketing Management), MA (Film & TV Production), MBA (Media Management), MA (PR & Event Management), MBA (PR & Event Management), M.A. (Journalism & Mass Communication), Ph.D in Mass Communication

Department of Media Studies, Christ University

3 Years, 2 Year

BA CEP-BA in Communication and Media; BA JPEng-Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Journalism, Psychology, English; MA in Media and Communication Studies, PhD) in Media Studies, MPhil) in Media Studies

Kurukshetra University


3 Years, 2 Year

B.A. Mass Communication, M.A. Mass Communication, M.Sc. Mass Communication, MPhil, PhD


Guru Jambeswar University

2 Year

Ph.D. (Mass Communication), M.Sc. (Mass Communication)



1 Year

Diploma in Public Relations, Advertising, and Marketing; Diploma in Public Relations, Media and Event Management; New Media (English/Hindi); Advance Diploma in Television Production & Journalism; Diploma in Development Journalism & TV Production

Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication

3 Year, 2 Year


BA, MA, BSc, MSc in Media Research, Print, Broadcast Journalism, Advertising and PR


Madras Christian College

3 Year, 2 Year

BA in Journalism, MA in Communication 

Manav Rachna International University

3 Year,

Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication


MIT International School of Broadcasting and Journalism

3 Year, 2 Year, 1 Year

BA (JMC), MA (MCJ), PG Diploma in Mass Communication


Times School of Journalism


Industry-led diplomas

PG Diploma Journalism (English)


NDTV Media Institute

1 Year

PG Diploma in Broadcast Training Programme

Pioneer Media School

1 Year

PG Diploma in Journalism; Television Direction & Production; Advertising & Marketing

Calcutta Media Institute

1 Year

Post Graduate Program In Digital Marketing & Media Management

Eenadu Journalism School


3 Year, 2 Year, 1 Year

BA Journalism and Mass Comm, MA Journalism and Mass Comm, PG Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication


Demand for Mass Communication Programmes


As per the industry trends, a good degree and accompanied training experience helps media aspirants prosper in this field. There are many job opportunities in various mass comm fields with good remuneration packages and growth opportunities. Students can enter in any of the preferred fields at the junior level and start with a medium level salary range.


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